Why Have A Custom Publishing?

Why have a custom publishing?

The Association of Magazine Media (formerly MPA, Magazines Publishers Association) provides a resounding answer. Magazines, whether individually or combined, not only elevate brand metrics and sales but also amplify the potency of cross-platform campaigns. This revelation underscores the undeniable impact of custom publishing.

Benefits of having a custom magazine:

  • Amplified Brand Metrics: Magazines, as revealed by the Association of Magazine Media (formerly MPA), distinctly enhance brand metrics, creating a lasting imprint.
  • Increased Sales Potential: The same association underscores magazines’ prowess in boosting sales figures, a dynamic that extends to custom publications.
  • Potent Cross-Platform Impact: Custom publishing emerges as a driving force, significantly elevating the effectiveness of cross-platform campaigns.
  • Tailored Communication: Tailor-made publications offer a precise channel for targeted and resonant communication with the audience.
  • Unique Brand Identity: Custom magazines carve a space for a brand to showcase its distinct personality, nurturing a unique brand identity.
  • Enhanced Engagement: A personalized publication engages readers deeply, fostering a connection that reverberates beyond the pages.
  • Holistic Storytelling: Custom magazines weave a comprehensive narrative, allowing brands to tell their story authentically and comprehensively.
  • Long-lasting Impressions: The tangible nature of print magazines creates a lasting impression, etching the brand into the reader’s memory.
  • Strategic Flexibility: Tailored publications provide the flexibility to align content precisely with brand goals and audience preferences.
  • Reinforced Credibility: A well-crafted custom magazine bolsters a brand’s credibility, positioning it as an authoritative source of information.

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Top Brands Using Custom Publications
wide selection of niche magazines

The Red Bulletin initially started overseas in 2005, expanding to the U.S. 2011. Still going strong with a circulation of over 2 million, Red Bull demonstrates how to do a brand-based magazine right.


Uber’s publication features stories from both drivers and riders, focusing on location. Arriving Now and Momentum covers New York City, while Vehicle is exclusive to Seattle and Washington, D.C.


Airbnb joins the print magazine world with Pineapple, their 128-page offering, which is totally ad-free. Looking to create a premium experience, the magazine’s intention is to build a community creating strong brand associations between the startup and great adventures. Released in Seoul, London, and San Francisco with a run of 18,000 copies, more cities are on the horizon.


Rhapsody launched almost six years ago and is still going strong. Hosted by United Airlines, it’s the premier connection to their first-class travelers. Complete with in-depth interviews from high-profile celebrities, it also features works of well-known contemporary authors.


Sold in over 30,000 stores, Net-a-Porter has over 300 pages of fashion-driven content. Designed as a supplement to their e-commerce platform, the magazine has the advantage of having top-models partner with the brand. It’s the perfect merging of digital and print that makes an impact.


Apple is taking things a step further with its Apple News Plus platform. Loaded with hundreds of magazines and newspapers via a digital platform, this reinforces the strength of print publishing, negating the notion that people no longer like to read or prefer digital-only access.