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Mobile Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

Mobile Apps were made to make our lives easier and more exciting. There are also apps that are specially made for all you creative entrepreneurs out there. Here’s a list of the most common and popular apps that proved to be helpful to the creative business person.

  1. Scanner Pro – This app helps when you need to scan documents on the go and don’t have access to a different scanner. This app is very convenient when you need a digital copy of print contracts. The Scanner Pro app costs $2.99.
  2. Sunrise Calendar – This app is perfect for scheduling things around your hectic schedule. It’s easy to use and you know exactly what you have going on the next day. This app doesn’t cost you anything to use.
  3. Evernote – If you’re looking for a good app to use when taking notes, this may be one of the best ones you can get. You can keep a unique journal of all the projects, ideas, and reminders all in one place. For some people, it’s a life saver for spur-of-the-moment events and any ideas that may come to mind. This app is also super handy as you can sync all you devices onto the one app.
  4. Periscope – This app is best known for live broadcasting. Broadcasters can live stream while an event is going on and comment using the chat feature whenever they have something to say. It’s such a well-known app because of the unique feature of the two-way communication between an audience and the broadcaster. The app store has this app listed as free.
  5. TripCase – If you’re looking for help in keeping your travel plans organized, TripCase is the app you’ll want to look into getting. It’s a free app that lets you keep all of your bookings in one place and organized.
  6. Dropbox – Dropbox allows you to be instantly connected to people so you can share you photos, videos, and documents. This app makes it easy to share files among the people on your team so that you can ensure everyone has the same information.
  7. Audible – This app can be used anytime you have free time and can enjoy a good book but don’t have the time to sit down and read it. You’re able to listen to books on the go and allows you to not have to focus on the books as you are traveling.
  8. Flowdock – Flowdock allows you to easily collaborate with your team members on any project. You and your team get notifications whenever something has been changed. You can then talk to your team members about any changes made, using the chat feature on the app. This app is most useful on a computer because of the drag and drop features, but can be used with your phone. When using the app with your phone, you may notice that the app isn’t as easy to use, though.

It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget things. But with the use of these mobile apps, hopefully life can get a little bit easier and less hectic.

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