Our Story

Our story began nearly two decades ago when Scott and Kelly Murray moved to Flower Mound, Texas. Although Scott was a native Texan, Kelly was new to the state, as well as the country, having moved with her new husband from Canada. Kelly had a passion for community involvement and a desire to entrench herself in the community. However, she quickly realized how difficult that can be when you are new to an area. She found it hard to keep up with the community, find local businesses, and learn about service organizations and nonprofits. So, with their background in marketing and publishing, Scott and Kelly decided to form Murray Media Group. They then began publishing local community publications focused on connecting the residents to their community. Using this knowledge, the Murray’s started a direct mail magazine model that has grown to over 30 magazines in locations spanning from Texas to Louisiana and even into Canada. 

After a chance meeting in 2021, they were introduced to Tony Jeary, The RESULTS Guy™, the founder of Tony Jeary International. Tony is the coach to many top CEOs from companies including Walmart, Ford, Shell, Sam’s Club, and other Fortune 500 companies–often being referred to as a “secret weapon.” He is the authority figure on results, has authored over 65 published books, advised over 1,000 clients, and consulted in over 60 countries. He accomplished this all while committing his life and career to studying and helping others achieve more. Along with his partner, COO, and protégé, Daniel Marold, Tony quickly realized that Murray Media had something special. He quickly partnered with them to expand their unique and proven model to other cities across the nation.

Executive Team

Headshot of Tony Jeary smiling into the camera

Tony Jeary

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Daniel Marold

Headshot of Scott Murray looking pensively into the camera

Scott Murray

Kelly Murray confidently smiles

Kelly Murray

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Jana Melton

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Bobbi Byrne