How Local Results Media Got Started

Our Story

Nearly two decades ago, the story of Local Results Media unfolded with Scott and Kelly Murray’s relocation to Flower Mound, Texas. While Scott had Texas roots, Kelly’s journey had taken her from Canada, following her marriage to Scott. What initially began as an endeavor to embrace community life swiftly led to a realization: becoming part of a new community isn’t always a straightforward path. The challenge of keeping pace with local events, discovering neighborhood businesses, and immersing oneself in the heartbeat of a new locale became apparent.

Drawing on their backgrounds in marketing and publishing, Scott and Kelly decided to tackle this challenge head-on, birthing the concept of Murray Media Group. Their vision was clear: to create a bridge between locals and their community by crafting localized publications. This led to the birth of a direct mail magazine model, one that has since grown into a sprawling network of over 30 magazines, spanning from Texas to Louisiana and even crossing borders into Canada.

In a serendipitous turn of events in 2021, fate introduced them to Tony Jeary, famously known as The RESULTS Guy™ and the driving force behind Tony Jeary International. A mentor to numerous CEOs of esteemed companies like Walmart, Ford, Shell, and Sam’s Club, Tony is a revered authority in steering individuals towards concrete results. His extensive portfolio boasts over 65 published books, advisory roles for more than 1,000 clients, and global consultations spanning across 60 countries. A meeting of minds swiftly ensued, leading Tony and his partner and COO, Daniel Marold, to recognize the inherent potential within Murray Media. This recognition sparked a partnership aimed at extending their unique and proven model to cities far and wide across the nation.

Executive Team

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Tony Jeary

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Daniel Marold

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Scott Murray

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Kelly Murray

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