book publishing.

Why Publish a Strategic Book?

Extend brands
Create leads/grow companies
Enhance positioning
Impact cultures
Support speaking
Drive credibility

How We Do It?

We’ve invested more than two decades in understanding, testing, putting books on bestseller lists, developing relationships, and building strategies for publishers. Today, we are uniquely positioned to design, publish, distribute and launch powerful publishing strategies and campaigns for our clients. We have contacts, which means saving money and time for you. We have managed book publishing for ourselves and others for two decades. It takes years to refine all the details. We can expedite the process significantly.

Results Faster!
Coupled with a strategic course

There’s More to Life Than The Corner Office
Legacy book
Taught at the University of Beijing MBA school

Life is a Series of Presentations
Auction of 8 publishing houses
6 figure advance
Endorsed on Shark Tank
The Elephant in the Room
Published 300,000 copies
Sold to mainstream publisher

Mastering Virtual Selling
Strategic response to the global pandemic
Mass marketing tool

The Healthy Home
Added to a bus wrap
#7 New York Times Bestseller

Discover Your Optimal Health
Network Marketing 
#4 New York Times Bestseller

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